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What is Functional Training?

Functional fitness is a method of training. It is a buzz word that has been heard many times in the fitness industry. It is often synonymous with a brand of exercise that requires weight resistance training cardiovascular conditioning and a boatload of variety.

Functional fitness is a method of training that looks at training the body in a way that would be useful and applicable to daily life. Be prepared to use barbells, dumbbells rowing machines bicycle machines or ergos and gymnastic bars. These are similar movements that will mimic your daily activities like moving, lifting, jumping carrying your basic shopping bags.

Why should you do Functional Training?

Some other reasons why you should do social fitness training is that it will improve your strength a lot faster than the conventional gym activities that you may be doing. The programs and workouts are designed to use large compound movements which will synchronise your muscles activities. Being able to handle a large amount of weight and being able to control it using your core and hips to will increase your confidence when you are out and about performing mundane manual lifting tasks.
Lift, work and function with the peace of mind that you can do the work safely and without injuring yourself.

Who can do Functional Training?

Everyone from the child to the mature aged person can exercise using Functional Fitness Training. There isn’t a limit on the people who cannot use them except if you have specific injuries or if you just come out from surgery. Of course it is important to realise also that you need to be of great functioning order enjoy the benefits of functional fitness training.
On the flipside movement is also medicine. The more movement you can involve in your life, the better quality of it becomes. Movement can cure injuries, help to heal the body physically and mentally. It is a very simple and cheap way to improve your overall well-being.
Not everybody will come into functional fitness training with the best mobility but that is also part of what you will achieve when training NFL is your fitness gym. Being mobile will allow you to move weights more efficiently to build strength quickly and to also condition your cardiovascular system effectively.

Is Functional Training better than going to just a gym?

In a nutshell functional training is better then going to just to gym. One of the biggest reasons why we say this is because we have a periodised program to improve certain aspects of your physical fitness. The majority of gym based programs are very aesthetic. Often times it can be observed as a very biased where is a fashion of fitness program needs to be balanced overall in its design.
One another great reason to participate in a functional fitness training is that in the long term it will be a lot cheaper for functional fitness gym programs compared to going to a normal gym where you will have to pay a personal trainer and also your multi gym fees.

Is Functional Fitness a Sport?

Yes it is. Functional Fitness is also a legit sport. Affiliated gyms can promote functional fitness training and programming to allow them to compete in functional fitness competitions locally and internationally. Affiliates in each respective country need to be affiliated with their national Functional fitness federation which would be partnered with the International Functional Fitness Federation (IFFF).
And yes Fibre Active is affiliated with the Australian International Functional Fitness Federation. That means we can prepare you for functional fitness competition.

Where do I find a Functional Fitness Gym?

With all of that information that you’ve just read you’re probably thinking where do I find a functional fitness gym. Well if you are living in Perth around in North Perth on Morley area you should come around and try out the facility. We are based in West Perth on Fitzgerald Street. Come check out our gym!
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