Redline Classes are a HIIT! - Fibre Active

Our Redline Classes are a HIIT! Action packed sessions that are designed to get you moving, running, biking, jumping, climbing, squatting, pressing, twisting. All the hallmarks of a good all round balanced workout. 
Redline classes are HIIT styled sessions which means that the workouts are broken up into smaller sets of work. Because you have a registered amount of rest, you’ll be able to push your intensity hard when doing your set. Intervals are a great way to build fitness as the repeated sets pushes your body with the same stimulus again. 

We add resistance training and weights into the Redline sessions too as resistance weights increase muscle metabolism which means you will require more energy to rebuild muscle tissue which will raise your metabolic rate. More lean muscle mass will help with your aesthetics and also spice up the furnace of fire your body will become when you become Redline Fiit! 

As deceiving as the class Redline HIIT sounds, the key is to maintain a sub-Redline level in your intensity throughout the entire class and not blow out at the start or mid way through.  Choose to scale some of the elements of the workout that may put you over. Aim to reach Your Redline at the End of the workout. 

At the end of our 20-40 minute block, we also finish off and do core work. Yes. We do that. If the mains are not enough, we have the dessert too. The core is intricate. There are many exercises to work on to build the core. We go through them slowly to attack them, to stress them, to force the core to rebuild stronger. In our experience, you can never get enough core work. You can always be stronger there. 

Here is an example of our core session:
3 Rounds
12 Dumbbell Sit Ups 22.5/15kg
30 Plank Shoulder Taps
12 Seated Double Feet over Dumbbell  

Exercise can be done anywhere, but the difference at Fibre Active are 2 things, #1 the Coaches who are there to give you expert advice, make sure you are moving well and getting the right stimulus for the workout. #2 is also the community who will get behind you and push you to your limits. That is our FibreFam. We get behind one another and we just love pushing it together.

Give our Redline Class a go. Send us a DM and lets get you sweaty.