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A fibre is originally a French word that means rope or string and is a component of composite materials. Our Fibre is what we are made of. Everything stems from the foundation. The evolution of what we are doing and living will dictate our end point.

Fibre Active is a world-class strength and conditioning gym that utilises the concepts of heavy loads to condition the body.

Our goal is to strengthen you from within, change your being and your life. Provide you with moral and technical support. Be part of our community of like minded individuals. Be, want, believe and do with every Fibre of your being.


Bjorn Voon(BSc)

Head Coach & Owner

Bjorn’s love for training people and turning them into athletes has been a lifelong dream and journey. After completing UWA he went into business at a Globo gym, then trained in boutique personal training gyms, then taught Pilates for a couple of years. Bjorn was also a coach to Personal Trainers at the institute of Fitness and then shortly after, he n Port Hedland with OTs and Physiotherapists.

Upon return from the mines, Bjorn started his gym in Embleton, a machine-less gym, open slate programming consisting of Functional Fitness training methods.

Aside from his alleged dry humour, Bjorn’s blunt honesty and passion will infect you with the passion to keep on training, learning and wanting more.

“Chance favours the prepared mind”


  • Bachelor of Science in Human Movement and Exercise Science
  • CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2
  • Cert 4 Fitness, Cert 4 Contemporary Pilates
  • Senior First Aid and CPR

Jessica Chu-Voon

Manager, Coach, and Head Coach of CrossFit Kids

Working out in Globo gym on and off for 8 years, Jess was not sold on the idea of CrossFit until she gave it a go. Once she understood the variety of the program and having the competitive streak, she was hooked on it immediately and has since grown from strength to strength.

Jess’ career in corporate accounting means she takes cares of the figures of the business and manages the memberships of Fibre Active. Jess also loves coaching the Beginner class on Thursday evenings and is also our CrossFit Kids coach. Working with children and instilling the love for fitness and camaraderie is something she is passionate about. She loves the interaction with the members and enjoys organising events for Fibrefam.


  • Masters in Accounting; CPA 
  • CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids
  • Senior First Aid and CPR



Roisin Breheny


Tell us about yourself!

I moved to Perth from Ireland in 2016 after university. I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2015 and began coaching in 2017. I’ve been a member of gyms in Ireland, Alaska, Melbourne and Perth. I started CrossFit after competitive rowing for 6 years at school and university level.

Outside of the gym you can usually find me in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes or hanging with friends and family. I also have a high appreciation of gin and craft beer (in moderation of course :P).

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

The part I enjoy most about coaching is seeing people achieve goals and skills that they never thought they would ever be able to do. I also love when people understand that CrossFit can be used outside of the box, whether it be as simple as lifting a box safely from the ground, to participate in fun runs and obstacle courses or even to just keep up with their kids!

What type of workouts do you enjoy?

My favourite workouts are any with a barbell. I love long workouts with multiple movements – you never get bored or too fatigued on the one movement!

Least favourite movement?

Gymnastics in general is most definitely my downfall. I still haven’t mastered handstand walking and muscle ups just yet so they can be my least favourite for the time being!


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Senior First Aid and CPR
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Health
  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Stephen Cass


Having started in CrossFit back in January 2014, Stephen kept fit playing Australian rules football, before family and kids took priority. Having discovered functional fitness training, Stephen revived his enjoyment for fitness and enjoys the support and camaraderie that comes with it.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Having taken up the opportunity to become a coach in 2017, I get as much enjoyment in seeing the progress and success that members are able to achieve, and in such a short period of time. I initially took on the challenge as I wanted to do try something out of my comfort zone. I am very grateful for the opportunity and love the challenge of trying to better each class.

What type of workouts do you enjoy?

Workouts that involve Olympic lifting are always enjoyable. Throw in some wall balls, box jumps and rowing, and I am there!

Least favourite movement?

Technical gymnastics movements like bar muscle ups, toes to bar and hand stand push ups. All weaknesses I am working on! I am also not a fan of kettlebells either. Anything to do with them.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • Certificate 3 in Fitness

Ruben Baros


Ruben was deeply involved in many sports as a child, such as Judo, Karate and soccer (as do most Brazilians). His love for martial arts led him to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about 6 years and because of BJJ Ruben started CrossFit in order to be more prepared to compete as a BJJ fighter.

Since than, I’ve been training CrossFit for 5 years and it became my passion and my job since 2017 as a coach.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate



“Great community. Very knowledgable trainers and an overall genuine passion to increase the quality of life for the members of Fibre.

After the first month I knew I would be a lifetime member.”

“I used to find exercise a drag, and CF Fibre turned me into someone who loved being part of such encouraging, motivational and fun environment. ”

Super friendly and really well thought out programming makes the workouts challenging, yet everyone finishes with a smile.

For those who want to be competition ready, the coaching staff do an excellent job of tailoring programming to competing athletes.


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